How to unclog a sink naturally

A clogged sink may be a big problem, and it usually happens to many homeowners at some point. It is always caused by hair buildup, dirt, debris etc. and it can be difficult to unclog a sink. While many people use harsh chemicals to dissolve clogs and buildups, there are some natural choices you can make that can help prevent harmful chemicals from entering your home or harming it as an effect of it being used in the house. It can also save you money. Some of the manual methods like snaking the drain or plunging the clog are mostly the easiest ways to get rid of a block in a natural way. However, there are some home-made solutions which can also help break down a block when the manual method alone isn’t working.

Use a plunger

To unclog a sink in a natural way try using a plunger. The plunger will help unclog the sink as easily as it unclogs your toilet too. Ensure you clean the plunger before you use it in the sink, or you may purchase a different plunger to use for your sink.

Cover the hole in the drain completely using the plunger. If you use a double sink, plug the unused drain which you are not plunging so you can get a full suction.
Ensure to pump your plunger up and down multiple times in order to loosen the clog.
After about a minute, remove the plunger to see if the water is flowing through the sink. If you find that the sink hasn’t been unclogged, continue to plunge the drain so as to loosen the blockage further.

Use wire coat hanger

You can bend a wire coat hanger to a straight line and get a hook curve or bend at one end. First, push the wire hook through the clogged drain and check if it can hook, dissolve or remove any part of the block.

Push the hanger farther inside until you feel any resistance. Then move the hook up and down and from side to side and try to see if you can hit any blockage and break it.
As soon as you think you have found any block, pull your hanger up and down to clear what you have found. Kind of gross, but hopefully it"ll unclog a sink.
If no resistance is felt when the hook is pressed, the obstruction may be less and a special tool will be needed.

Snake your drain

A drain snake might be useful. It is a long wire rope with a spiral or augers the end that allows for manual removal of drain blocks. You can purchase a drain snake of appropriate size for your sink in a local material shop which you can use to clear hard blocks.

Place the snake inside the drain and push it in until you feel any resistance due to the block or clog. Be careful if your metal pipes are old because you can pierce and rupture it.
After hitting the clog, turn the wire three to four times in a clockwise motion, then pull it slightly upward. If you feel any resistance, you"ve probably got off the stuff.

Continue twisting the drain snake until it breaks the entire clog into smaller pieces.

You can flush with hot water to clean it up.

If all else fails, you may need to contact a Trustworthy Plumbing Service.